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Swift Code or BIC code

SWIFT codes are a mixture of many types of letters. Their function is to identify the branch codes of the banks. These codes are Bank Identifier Codes (BIC Code).

These codes play a vital role in various bank transactions, especially in international transactions. Various banks may use SWIFT code to transfer other messages.

A SWIFT code may be of 8 to 11 digits and has the following parts:

- The first four characters indicate the bank codes. They are alphabets only.

- The next two characters are also Alphabets. They describe or give the country code.

- The next two characters are alphanumeric. These are location-based codes.

- The last three characters of the code can be either digits or letters. These characters give details about the branch code.

People often use BIC codes and SWIFT Codes interchangeably, and they are the same thing. One needs a SWIFT code during international bank wire transfers. But, these codes may also make one to pay a higher rate. However, this depends on the steady rates at the time of the transaction. At present, there are more than forty thousand active SWIFT codes.

SWIFT code is necessary for sending money or receiving it, to conduct payments overseas. One can find it by contacting the bank directly or searching online.