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STD Code, Phone Code, or Telecom Code

Subscriber trunk dialing (STD Codes) are for every city, town, or town. These codes can be somewhere in the range of 2 and 8 digits in length, with the most significant metropolitan regions and cities having the shortese two digit codes.

The primary actually significant distance supporter trunk dialing (STD)"bring in India was made between the urban areas of Kanpur and Lucknow in 1960

The total length of all telephone numbers (zone code and the telephone number) is consistent at 10 digits. For instance, the number 7513200200 indicates the territory code 751 (the zone code for Gwalior) trailed by the telephone number. Fixed-line or landline numbers!are of the largest 8 digits in length.

One does not need a prefix to call, starting with one landline then onto the next inside a similar region code, as factor length dialing rules apply. One requires prefix of the number zero + the region code to dial from a landline telephone in one STD code zone to another. A similar prefix of the number zero + the Zone code is used to dial any fixed-line number in India from a cell phone, independent of the territory code