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Pin Code

India post uses Pin Code, which refers to a six-digit code in the Indian postal code system. PIN stands for Postal Index Number. The system is for simplifying the manual sorting and delivery of mail. This process eliminates the risk and confusion over incorrect addresses, similar place names, and different languages prevalent in the region.

The first digit of any Pin code indicates a specific zone. The second digit indicates the sub-zone. Whereas the combination of the third digit with the first two indicates the sorting district within that zone. The final three digits reflect the individual post offices within the sorting district.

The last two digits represent the General Post Office (GPO) or Head Office (HO). This is the delivery office within the sorting district starting from 01. The numbering of the delivery office is in chronological order with the assignment of higher numbers to newer delivery offices. There is a creation of a specific delivery office if the mail volume is too large to handle. Allocation of new PIN occurs after this. Thus, only the first four digits of the PIN of a delivery office near each other are similar.

Authorities assign each PIN to exactly one delivery post office. They receive all the mail for delivery to lower offices within its jurisdiction. All these post offices share the same code. The delivery office can either be a General Post Office (GPO), head office (HO), or a sub-office (SO). They are usually located in urban areas: officials sort and route posts from the delivery office to other delivery offices for a different PIN. If not, they are routed to one of the relevant sub-offices or branch offices for the same PIN. Location of Branch Offices (BO) is in rural areas and have limited postal services.